FAQ I can’t find a suitable booking slot, how can I work with you?

It is possible that this is due to time zone differences or my schedule being fully booked.

The available-to-you booking slots in my calendar are shown to you in your local time zone. And are the time slots I have available within my local, preferred and usual working hours. If you are outside of New Zealand and on the other side of the world eg in Europe or the UK this may mean our working hours do not overlap much, which limits the options.

However I can be flexible at times to allow for consults outside of my usual availability and I am always willing to accomodate if I possibly can.

Should my schedule be full; I can put you on my waiting list and notify you if a suitable slot opens up due to cancelation.

I suggest you contact me, via the form below to discuss my availability. And if you do; to state clearly your location/ timezone.. And we’ll see if there is a way to make working together possible.