Direction of healing

Suppressing symptoms that the body expresses naturally, without resolving them, may result in deeper lying problems.

Homeopathic remedies help the body express and overcome the underlying issues and this aims to support better health in a person.

Underlying issues are often found to be earlier experienced health issues that have been suppressed or unresolved and these may be on physical, mental or emotional levels.

We know Homeopathic healing takes place while overall improvement in a patient’s situation is shown while their symptoms move;

  • From above down; e.g. Eczema on the face moving down the body to Eczema on the feet, then disappears.
  • From within out ;e.g. Asthma (lungs) moving to Eczema on the surface, then disappears.
  • From a more important organ to a less important organ; e.g. heart disturbance moving to Diahrrea, then disappears.
  • With symptoms disappearing in the reverse order of their appearance; e.g. a child of 10 with Asthma finding its Asthma reduced but getting a repeat of the Eczema it had as an infant that was suppressed at the time with corticosteroid creams and then that may disappear once expressed and overcome.