Can you provide me with Remedies?

It is a policy at Esther’s Homeopathy Clinic NOT to sell remedies without consultation or prescription to those who are NOT clients.

In the course of professionalism and to uphold safety in practice it is my duty to make sure that any remedies provided are indicated and that the receiver will understand how to use them safely as the consequences of providing a remedy are my liability.

If you have health complaints, acute or chronic, you deserve to have these professionally seen to and supported if you can’t resolve them on your own.

Many people believe that because Homeopathic remedies are natural; they are always safe to use, and that free advice or of the cuff remedy supply is okay to ask for. However each case is unique, comes with a history and assessment is required to make sure the prescription meets the needs of the person, that there are indeed no safety concerns or contra indications and that Homeopathy is a suitable measure in this situation.

After a consultation, either Acute or Chronic I am happy to prescribe for you if I am confident this is in your best interest and after considering all aspects of your situation. Remedy costs are additional to consultation fee.

If you are a local to me client; I can usually supply you with remedies myself once you have consulted with me. But if I can’t; I will refer you to where to source them from.

In your prescript I will include:

  • The name of the remedy/ remedies
  • Reason for this choice
  • The potency or strength
  • The suggested dosing regimen
  • Where to acquire the remedy
  • When to contact me regarding your prescription.
  • And I offer back up support for a few days following.

If you are NOT a client you are required to book and pay for a (ZOOM or In person) consult before;

  • I can advise a remedy for you
  • I can help with a health complaint or support of healthy functioning
  • you may buy any remedy or remedy kit of me

I advise you to book an Acute consult in these situations (unless your condition is complex, longstanding or chronic and part of a long trajectory of ill health). This consult usually allows for enough time to assess your situation and accurately and safely advise for you.

Or if you wish to know more before booking a consult please feel free to book a 15 minute Intro Chat with me, through the link below.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via the form below.