Consults are by appointment only. 

Bookings may be made by contacting me per email or telephone or the online booking system (on Homepage or the side of this window).


  • Consults by video call or in person (in Katikati, New Zealand) are offered
  • Should available afternoon time slots not suit you; you may request alternative consult time, by contacting me personally.
  • If you require an appointment in an acute situation ASAP , contact me per phone, rather then book online.
  • Discounts for multiple family members available
  • Bilingual consultations in Dutch  available


Free initial 15 introduction consult

If you are not sure if  Homeopathy is what you are looking for, book this free no obligation consult to see what Homeopathy has to offer and have your questions answered. (only one per person)

Homeopathic Acute consultations

An approx. 30 min consult @ $40.-  per person

This consultation suits simple acute one off  health issues like i.e. colds, flu, coughs, injury, ear ache, gastro enteritis, fevers, teething problems and sore throats.

Homeopathic Chronic consultations

This consultation is required in:

  • Long standing health issues 
  • Persistent repeats of one health issue 
  • Complex or chronic health issues 
  • Where issues have been experienced since birth
  • where there is a family history of serious health problems
  • (i.e. Eczema, ME, chronic back pain or depression, frequent colds, bronchitis, hay fever, repeated mood swings or PMS symptoms, Diabetes, Heart problems, Asthma Eczema or Depression)

A first Chronic consultation takes approx. 1.5 hrs. and consists of a in depth investigation of your current health problem, overall health record and family health history. We will be looking at physical, mental emotional and social aspects of your wellbeing to be able to make a holistic prescription that will benefit you as a person and support your journey to health.

In Chronic consultation usually multiple follow up sessions are required to monitor and ensure continuation of progress to health.

A Follow up consult takes approx. an hour and during this time we will discuss and assess the response you’ve had to your prescribed remedy and monitor your progress to ensure continuation of improvement in your situation.

Chronic consultation fees:

$120.-  per Initial consult (only the very first appointment in an ongoing situation)

$80.-  per Follow Up consult (= any consult after the first one)