What can I do to optimize the homeopathic process?

We have become so used when visiting a GP or medical specialist, to be diagnosed, prescribed treatment and send home within a very short appointment. We follow the instructions and there may be a following appointment, but generally there is no interaction with the doctor besides that. The doctor is the ‘expert’ who tells us what to do.

In homeopathy we have a different relationship.

When we come together in consultation, the client is the ‘expert’ on his or her situation and I, the homeopath, am the ‘expert’ on homeopathic medicine. So we work together and we are a team of equals when we work towards regaining your health.

Consultation is the event where information is exchanged for the benefit of supporting your healing process.

As healing is a process; observation and self reflection and eg keeping a journal about changes you notice and experiences you have in your life, between consults can be a very helpful tool. It makes recollection of events easier at the time of your appointments, and helps you to measure progress yourself also.

I always indicate to my clients if I wish for them to contact me between consults, in order for me to assess their progress. I do this especially with new clients and those with intense or pressing issues. And I am always open to receive brief email updates between consultation if there are concerns or questions regarding the prescription or remedy effects.

Teamwork and communication are the clue!

It is important and you are advised to contact me;

  • With any question or queries or concern you may have following your prescription.
  • When you experience a significant change in your symptoms after taking your prescription, and it is more than a week before your next appointment.
  • When you experience no changes after taking your prescription and continue to have troublesome symptoms, with no changes at all after 2 weeks. Dosage or remedy may need to be changed to suit you better.
  • When other/new health complaints occur after taking your remedies. They could be an acute complaint (eg a flu) or may be part of the healing process you are working through. It may be preferable to assess these with me, before reaching for other interventions in order to resolve them.
  • With your report of improvement! It is lovely to hear you are doing well. This provides a valuable feedback and may be helpful my professional improvement, besides boosting morale. Its is good to celebrate successes.