What can I do to help my Homeopath and optimize my healing ?

We are used to visiting a GP or medical specialist, to be diagnosed, prescribed treatment and send home within a very short appointment. We follow the instructions and there may be a following appointment, but generally there is no interaction with the doctor besides that. The doctor is the ‘expert’ who tells us what to do.

In homeopathy we have a different relationship.

When we come together in consultation, the client is the ‘expert’ on his or her situation and the homeopath is the ‘expert’ on homeopathic medicine. So we work together and we are a team when we work towards regaining health in that client.

Consultation is the event where information is gathered by the Homeopath and information shared by the client.

Talking to your Homeopath, keeping in contact after your consultation, can make all the difference in your healing process. The homeopath will be interested to know what is happening as this will help him or her to decide how to ensure your progress will be steady and sure, or if changes need to be made.

Teamwork and communication are the clue!

It is important and you are advised to contact your homeopath;

With any question or queries or concern you may have following your prescription.

When you experience a change in your symptoms after taking your prescription and it is more than a week before your next appointment.

When you experience no changes after taking your prescription and still have troublesome symptoms. Dosage or remedy may need to be changed to suit you better.

When other/new health complaints occur during your homeopathic treatment. These may be part of the healing process you are working through and need to be assessed. Homeopathic support may be of assistance in your new complaints also.

With your report of improvement! This provides a valuable feedback for further support and for a Homeopath’s professional improvement.