Is that little pill really going to be enough?

People are often surprised at the small size of the Homeopathic pills or the small dose they have been asked to take by their homeopath. That is because not only very highly diluted substances are used but a prescription will be the minimal dose needed to bring about a lasting improvement in their individual situation.

There are no big pills to swallow or courses of treatment to complete like we are used to do with regular medical treatment, the dosing in homeopathy is not material but energetical. Homeopathy is a form of energy medicine.

In Homeopathy one can definitely say “Less is More”

Rule of thumb to remember is that as soon as your complaint has subsided or improved dramatically you always stop taking the remedy unless instructed otherwise by your Homeopath. Always stick to the instructions from your Homeopath regarding your prescription and contact him/her if you have any questions about that.