Photo by kslyesmith

Photo by kslyesmith

It seems that there are a few cases of Children with Croup around at the moment, I got ask about Croup twice today alone.

Croup can cause much anxiety as the barking, harsh cough together with difficult breathing is a frightening event for both parents and child especially if very young.

Croup is a virus, it may have mild or in some cases more severe symptoms . Some children seem more susceptible to it then others and sometimes a child has reoccurring incidence of Croup.

Here is a link to clear medical information on this condition.

Since it is caused by a virus and in milder cases it mostly will be left to run its course.
In severe symptoms doctors intervention will be aimed at easing the breathing and Steroids may need to be used if breathing is really a cause of concern

Homeopathy may be helpful in croup and has several remedies that can be used to support in this situation.

If you have ever been with a child with croup (even in mild cases) you may have felt worried and helpless as there was not much you could do but comfort your child through it.

Homeopathic remedies may offer much support in this situation. It is something you can do, it is natural and generally known as safe, non toxic and easy to use. It is very satisfying to be able to help, and when you achieve a result.

As always it is important to use common sense in any health situation and to listen to your own gut instinct. You know your child best and need to seek help if you are worried about your child’s situation. If it doesn’t improve or gets worse, always seek professional medical advice. Safety is paramount.

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