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Of Happiness and Grief

We live in
a time of mindfulness and meditation, journaling, yoga classes and more endless
must do’s in order to achieve or maintain happiness. I like to call it “the
pursuit of happiness syndrome”.

Happiness is
promoted heavily; it’s the new norm and has become a commercial product.

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Practicing again!

Yes!!!! I am back to practicing in mmy new Location; Katikati, New Zealand!

It has been
very quiet on this blog for a long time!

That is because a lot has happened in that period and I have had to step back from practicing to cope with changes in my life and circumstance.

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Celebrating mums and babies!

It was World Breast Feeding week this past week. Here in Tokoroa we had the ‘Big Latch on’ event at our council’s office and that was a big success, I’ve heard.

I am a homeopath as well as a farmer and besides seeing clients, I also spend time with ‘mums and babies’

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FREE Introduction consults

Just a reminder to all of you who are sitting on the fence….

I offer FREE, 15 min Introduction Consults.

If you can’t decide if Homeopathy is something you want to give a go, why not come and talk to me for FREE?

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A Case of Skin issues and Irritability

Sue (not her real name) came to see me because she was having some trouble with her skin.  She is a 40+ year old mother and wife to a husband, who is away from home all week, for work.

This means she has a lot on her plate.

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If you’re happy and you know it….

I know that many of my clients feel happy with the help I have given them. I see them in consults and talk to them in follow ups and often they tell me that Homeopathy has helped them; Sometimes in small ways, sometimes very dramatically so.

To me this is the most humbling and rewarding facet of my practice;

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Something to Celebrate

I am very happy to announce that as of today I may call myself  Esther Ritmeester Dip Hom, RCHom.

Which means I hold a Diploma of Homeopathy after 4 years of study and I am now also fully registered with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (NZCH).

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ADDH – Also Dare Discover Homeopathy


ADDH is a label so commonly used today that it seems we’ve got an epidemic at hand.

It seems… we may question if each label is stuck on for the right reasons, if each labelling is well considered and if each child labelled has been assessed and catered for individually.

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Healing is a train ride

girl-on-train-1381996_1920What can I expect?

That’s a question I often hear when I prescribe a remedy to a client and fair enough too.

But it is a question that is easier asked, then answered.


Because each individual is a complex being,

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Like minded thinking

Last night we enjoyed a wonderful evening in Taupo.

We were invited by our fertiliser company Uptake to attend their Mid Winter Christmas dinner and had a great time. It is always lovely to meet new people and get off farm. We enjoyed a good meal in the company of fellow clients and exchanged experiences.

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